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Our Team
Guobin Yang
[ General Manager ]
Steel fittings for pipe connection
From a small workshop to a powerful group, JS FITTINGS has been one of the most professional manufacturer and supplier of steel fittings in Hebei province. JS FITTINGS aim to supply the satisfactory steel fittings for pipe connection. With the continued attention and support of our customers, JS FITTINGS will go on moving to joint the pipelines world wide.
Technical Department
Technical Department is the most functional department that provides customers with comprehensive solutions (including products models, technical data and guide using) based on the detailed information of customers in the industry and according to the needs of users, and unifies the management of production, acceptance and loading of JS fittings. It is a department that creates safety, civilization and safety for users. It's the basic guarantee and strong backing of comfortable and convenient working and living environment, Technical department is an important symbol reflecting the company's service level, good image and social reputation, and is one of the core departments of the company to achieve the ultimate economic goals.
Quality Inspection Department
The Quality Inspection Department is a professional department for quality inspection and quality control of products . It is responsible for the whole process of quality inspection of incoming materials, production process and outgoing products in accordance with relevant product standards, processes, drawings and inspection rules.

Responsible for recording, summarizing and reporting the quality information of product production, regularly organize regular meetings of product production quality, formulate corrective and preventive measures for the quality problems found in the production process and organize implementation.
Production Department
According to the order and raw materials, arrange the manpower and material resources for production reasonably. Control the product quality strictly to ensure delivery on time.
Foreign Trade Department and Merchandiser Department
Foreign Trade Department promote JS fittings to foreign merchants, develop the market, and promptly handle customer enquiries and various needs. Supply initiative, enthusiasm, satisfaction and thoughtful service to our clients.

Merchandiser Department assist the specialist in daily work and help to arrange the delivery.
All departments help, assist and cooperate with each other to guarantee the smooth production and delivery.
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